Our ministry team

Transition Minister: Reverend Gayle Taylor.

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Associate Minister: Reverend Malcolm Muir

“I love all the challenges of this demanding Parish, which is full of brilliant folk.”

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Malcolm joined the team as Associate Minister in December 2012 and lives in Portobello with his wife Jeanette. Previously, he was Minister of Eyemouth Congregational Church and served on various Ecumenical and Voluntary organisations.


Mission and Outreach Co-ordinator: Erika Pryde

‘There are 2 things I have been passionate about since I was a teenager one is Motorbikes the other is Jesus, I love to combine these passions, but most of all I love to experiment with different ways of sharing God’s immense love for people where I live and work.’

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Erika Moved to Newbattle Parish in 1998 with her Husband, two boys and an assortment of pets, to work for Midlothian Council. She has been a member of the church for 20 years for the last 5 or so has been a member of the ministry team working in Mayfield as Mission and Outreach Coordinator, organising the Monthly messy Church and the annual holiday club. She is also a Scout leader in Bonnyrigg and enjoys adventurous activities.

Congregational Development Worker (Newtongrange): Affie Morley

I love community and passionately believe that we all need real relationships to flourish. I want to see local church being the place where everyone can connect and belong.’

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Affie moved to Newtongrange in 2001 with her husband Richard and two small children. She studied at Manchester University followed by teacher training at Moray House and then taught secondary school Physics before taking time off to care for her family. She has since had two more children has been working at Saltersgate School since 2005 teaching children with additional needs. She joined the Newbattle Parish team in 2016.